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Tema kobling - hun uten ventil
Nr: 3810
Størrelse: 3/8"
Lengde: 60mm
Tykkelse: 34,5mm (målt utenpå den sorte ringen) 

CEJN’s Nordic Range offers heavy-duty designed couplings and nipples for mobile 
hydraulic applications, plus added protection against involuntary disconnection.
Steel & stainless steel couplings in a standard heavy-duty design

The Nordic Range series features a heavy-duty design with steel as well as 
stainless steel as standard. All parts exposed to extreme strain and stress, 
such as the locking sleeve and nipple, are made of hardened steel for extra protection. 

These materials ensure that the couplings offer rugged use and a long service life.
Extra sealing capacityDouble O-rings and a back-up ring give the Nordic Range
improved sealing performance.

Optional dust caps available to prevent dust and debris from entering the system, 
dust caps are recommended for use on both the coupling and nipple 
when they are disconnected. 

They are available for all sizes and connections. Optional pressure eliminator
Both the nipple and coupling are designed with a built-in pressure eliminator, 
allowing a low-force-to-connect operation, even when either half is residual pressure.

Security locking for extra protection against involuntary disconnection
As added protection against involuntary disconnection the coupling design 
includes a manual security-locking feature. 

It is engaged by manually turning the black locking ring after connection. 
The lock is released by returning the ring to its original position prior to disconnection

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