Varenummer: QT-4125-560
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Product description

Constructed with the utmost in quality with the very best in high performance materials,
Quantum has altered the very DNA of brushless power, bringing forth a true quantum
shift in all manners of RC power. Specified with high quality bearings, high strength steel,
lightweight aluminum, and amazingly powerful neodymium rare earth magnets, Quantum
motors are ready to alter the very dynamics of your everyday flight. Quantum brushless
motors are deigned to change the way you fly; prepare to take hold of true brushless power
that will open new realms of RC flight.  

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Stator Diameter 40MM
Stator Thickness 25MM
No. of Magnetic Poles 8
No. of Stator Arms 12
Motor Kv 560 RPM/Volt
Max Continuous Current 70 Amps
Max Continuous Power 3000 Watts
Weight 340 Grams
Overall Shaft Length 92.85mm
No-Load Current (lo) 1.2 [email protected]
Motor Resistance (Rm) 0.034 Ohms
Outside Diameter 49.8MM
Shaft Diameter 8MM to 6MM
Body Length 55.7MM



  • Produsent: Quantum
  • Lengde: 0
  • Flyvekt : 340
  • Flytype: 0
  • Modelltype: Brushless motor
  • Vingekapasitet: 0
  • Operasjonstype: Elektrisk
  • Bakkeklaring: 0