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Varenummer: MSJBEC-M
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Linear regulator MAX BEC is a sophisticated tool for regulating voltage in models which have a receiver and servos powered by 2 LiXX cells or 5-6 NiXX cells. Servo voltage is constant during the entire flight which results in smooth motion of the servos.

Required output voltage (5.0V, 5.4V, 5.7V, 6.0V) is selected by a jumper plug.

MAX BEC can be supplied either by NiXX or LiXX cells, recommended are 2 LiXX cells or 5-6 NiXX cells. Input voltage is indicated by four LED´s. If the input voltage is above 7.0V, all three green LED´s are ON. While the cells are gradually discharging, particular LED´s go OFF depending on input voltage (lower then 7V, 6.7V, 6.45V). If the input voltage is under 6.5V, the red LED goes ON indicating that cells are discharged (if using 2S LiXX then it means that voltage of particular cells is under 3.25V).

Supply cells must be connected into input side with two 0.5 mm2 cables. There is also parallel-connected 3link with JR connector which is intended for cells charging, without a need for disconnection of power connectors. Maximum charging current is 0,5A (limited by connector).

Output voltage is extracted from output side with 2 links. It is recommended to connect both 2-links, it results in higher reliability and lower current loading on connectors. The connectors may be plugged in any channel of the receiver.

On the output side, there is a switch extracted, which activates the regulator. The switch is connected as “safe”; it means that mechanical damage of joints or wires has no impact on BEC function.


Technical Data:
Weight [g]  28
Dimensions [mm]  50 x 25 x 10
Sustained current [A]  5
Peak current (max 30s) [A]  12
Telemetry  No
Operational temperature [°C]  -10 ... 130
Recommended input voltage [V]  5,5 ... 8,4
Output voltage [V]  5,0 / 5,4 / 5,7 / 6,0
Idle current [µA]  17
Max. power loss [W]  7
Number of battery inputs  1
Input voltage max. [V]  16

Technical Information about maximum current carrying capacity for linear voltage regulators (not S-BEC):

The maximum current results from the maximum power loss in watts divided by the difference between the input voltage (battery voltage) and the set output voltage. This applies to normal cooling air discharge, therefore never pack linear voltage regulators in foam or similar!
Example here:
Max. Power loss at MAX BEC = 7W
Battery voltage LiPo = 7.2V
set output voltage = 5.4V
max current> 7W: 1.8V (differential voltage) = 3.88A

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