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Nå har også Traxxas kommet med Revo i elektrisk versjon - E-Revo!

E-Revo kommer i RTR versjon og har 2 stk 550 motorer, 16,8V regulator og radio inkludert..
Alt er ferdig installert i bilen (servoer, mottaker og regulator) og karosseriet er ferdig lakkert.
Bilen finnes i fargene rød, sort, grå og blå.

Det eneste som trengs i tillegg er batterier samt lader. (2X7,4V eller 2X8,4V)
Det er plass for å bruke både 7,2V og /eller 8,4V batterier. (justerbare batteriholder)

E-Revo har veldig kjapp og har meget gode kjøreegenskaper.
Ønsker du å ta det leneger kan du oppgradere bilen ved at det installeres børsteløs motor/regulator , samt li-po batterier.
Da har du en av de værste værstinger av el-biler og du vil imponere mange andre rc-bil kjørere.

Once again, Traxxas® has broken new ground with unprecedented innovation and performance.
The New E-Revo® is the most advanced electric racing monster truck ever created.
The 6-time National Champion REVO is already the pinnacle of engineering in the Nitro arena and now E-Revo breaks open an entire new category that embraces today’s electric technology. Built from the start to be electric, E-Revo harnesses all the advantages that electric power brings to the race.
The integrated battery compartments position the weight of the batteries as low and as close to the centerline of the chassis as possible.
A smooth center skid plate adds strength and beauty while it shields critical driveline components.
The low center of gravity, balanced weight distribution, and incredible torsional rigidity yields the best handling Revo platform ever.


  • Amazing new chassis design with integrated dual battery compartments
  • Quick release battery doors
  • Battery cooling vents
  • Scalable battery compartments from sport packs to brutal 6S LiPo power
  • Smooth center skid plate shields the driveline
  • Weather-sealed electronics for running in water, mud, and snow.
  • EVX-2 16.8-volt FWD/REV Electronic Speed Control with patent pending Training Mode
  • Dual Titan® 550 motors
  • Dual digital waterproof steering servos deliver 125 oz-in of torque & 0.16-sec transit time
  • Hard-anodized Teflon®-coated shock bodies with TiN coated shock shafts
  • 4-Channel micro receiver
  • Brushless-ready 2-speed transmission with metal center idler gear
  • Sealed pivot ball suspension
  • Sealed limited slip differentials
  • Dual-servo steering system
  • Hex hardware throughout
  • 3.8” black chrome Gemini wheels
  • 3.8” Talon tires
  • Sleek new pe-painted body design
  • Adjustable rear wing
  • Compatible with many Revo Platinum upgrades
  • Traxxas innovation built in!
  • Ready-To-Race®

 The proven 16.8 volt EVX-2 power system delivers massive torque through twin Titan 550 motors.
Always looking ahead, Traxxas engineers made E-Revo truly brushless ready with a driveline that’s been proven tough
for durability at the extreme with brutal 50+mph 6S LiPo power and custom brushless motors from the aftermarket.

The unique battery compartments are easily scalable with built-in features to adapt for multiple battery configurations.
A separate motor plate was engineered for a clean, low-slung single motor installation.
Of course, E-Revo retains all the benefits of the exclusive linkage based suspension system including the most suspension
travel possible, tunable progressive damping, independent ride height adjustment, and the absolute highest level of control for any situation.
Hard-anodized Teflon®-coated shocks with TiN shafts, and dual digital waterproof steering servos have been added to further sharpen the handling.

Off the racetrack, E-Revo is our most recent model to be equipped with exclusive fully water-sealed electronics.
Only Traxxas makes it possible to run through water, mud, snow and other wet conditions.
E-Revo is offered fully assembled and Ready-To-Race® with the TQ radio system and EVX-2 electronic speed control.

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