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The tiniest
member of Vauhgn Gittin Jr.''s garage is here, and it''s the perfect pint-sized
companion to the 1/10th scale replicas that HPI Racing offers! This Micro RS4
is a scaled-down, 1/18th scale version of Vaughn''s iconic 1969 Ford Mustang
RTR-X, which was designed by Vaughn in partnership with the Need For Speed
crew! Vaughn is the only one who can drive the real thing, but if you want a
replica that can fit in the palm of your hand, this is the only version you''ll
be able to find!


This 4WD
1/18th scale RC car is perfect for shredding tires inside and outside, with a
high-powered motor driving all four wheels and coil-over shocks providing
smooth power and excellent control. This Ready To Run Micro RS4 kit features a
highly detailed and scale 1969 Ford Mustang RTR-X replica body for an awesome
scale look wherever you drive! Just like the 1/10th scale replica, we even
include TWO SETS of wheels and tires, one for drifting and one for racing!

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  • Modelltype: Driftebiler
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