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Futaba 4PKS-R Pistol Grip Transmitter and the R614FS Receiver with the 2.4GHz FASST system.

Servos are not included.

The 4PKS-R: The "more" racing radio.

More speed, more features, more radio for the money — that's what the 4PKS-R offers the serious competitor.

The original 4PKS was fast, but the 4PKS-R is five percent faster — a difference you can literally feel. Response is virtually instantaneous.

There are more features to work with, too: dual ESC mixing for crawlers, gyro mixing for drift cars and two programmable mixes. There's a dual-compound foam steering wheel for more comfort, a dual-mode high-voltage R614FS receiver for more servo options data transfer via cable between 4PKS-R systems for more convenience, an APA adapter for more wheel positioning flexibility.

In short, the 4PKS-R is a lot more than you'd expect for a lot less than you'd think.

Read more on Futaba RC here

4PKS-R Pistol Grip Transmitter
R614FS Receiver, 
HT5F1700B 1700mAh 6V Transmitter Battery
HBC-3B(4) 120V AC Battery Charger 
Switch Harness
Wheel Adapter
LCD Screen Protector
Small Screwdriver


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