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The Alfa Romeo MiTo is a three-door super mini that was released in Milan on June 19th, 2008. The car was designed to compete with the Mini Cooper and upcoming Audi A1 vehicles. The car was named after MiTo after the location where it was designed, Milan, and the location where it was manufactured, Torino. The MiTo was designed on the popular European Fiat chassis. The vehicle features a new "Alfa DNA" system, which allows drivers to change the car setting depending on the driving conditions. The three settings offered with the new "Alfa DNA system" are Dynamc, Normal and All-Weather. 

Specs & Features

  • 1/10 R/C assembly kit.

  • The MiTo body is mounted on the M-05 chassis.

  • The long 239mm wheelbase is adjustable.

  • The servo, receiver, and ESC are mounted on the rear of the monocoque frame for better weight distribution and a lower center of gravity.

  • The 3-piece tie-rod steering linkage offers sharp cornering performance.

  • Includes 60D radial tires and newly developed 5-spoke wheels.

  • Type 540 motor is included.

  • TEU-104BK ESC included.

  • 2-channel R/C system, battery pack & charger are separately required.

  • A wide variety of Option Parts for M-05 chassis machines and bodies are already available for further 

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