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 Thunder Tiger Raptor E820 3D Flybarless Helicopter Kit.

Control System: Flybarless machined aluminum rotor head 135-140° CCPM, integrated quick calibration system makes aligning the swash and other functions easy and precise, +/- 15° collective pitch range Rotor Grips: Lengthened pivot bolts create a 0° triangular compensation angle to provide more precise cyclic and pitch control rotor grip plates increased 2mm to support longer blades Side Frames: 0.08" (2mm) aerospace grade true carbon Motor Mount: One-piece U shaped Battery Tray: Quick release design accomodates two 7 cell LiPo packs may be flown on 12S or 14S LiPos Main Shaft: 15mm hollow, with lightened metal bearing block Canopy: Fiberglass Main Gear: 111T ultra thick helical man gear Landing Gear: Polished aluminum skids with flexible plastic brackets Tail Boom: Carbon with lengthened carbon supports for additional rigidity, one-piece metal support bracket, tail boom mount for rudder servo on adjustable mounts Tail Case: One-piece machined aluminum Tail Drive: 8mm torque tube with helical bevel tail gears

Raptor E820 3D Flybarless Heli with Canopy, Landing Gear, metal Servo Horns & Control Arms, Instruction Manual

Radio: At least 6-channel with heli functions
Gyro: Three axis capability
Motor: 380-480kV outrunner max, 64mm outer diameter Scorpion HK 5035-500 or Kontronic Pyro 800-48 for 12S setup Scorpion HK 5035-410 for 14S setup
ESC: Compatible with selected motor
Battery: Two 12-14S LiPo packs (not carried)
Battery Charger: Compatible with selected batteries

Length: 58.66" (1490mm)
Width: 8.7" (221mm)
Height: 17" (432mm)
Main Rotor Diameter: 71.2" (1809mm)
Tail Rotor Diameter: 11.8" (300mm)
Main Rotor Length: 32" (813mm)
Tail Rotor Length: 4.52" (115mm)
Gear Ratio (E:M:T:): 10.09/9.25:1:4.67
Weight without
Battery: 129.5oz (3670g)


  • Produsent: Thunder Tiger
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  • Modelltype: 3D og Acro Modeller
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  • Operasjonstype: Elektrisk
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