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Hacker Master SPIN controllers will give you unprecedented control of the programming for your brushless motors. Any SPIN controller can be used either in airplanes, sailplanes, fix pitch or 3D helicopters (constant RPM).

Hacker Master SPIN controllers can be quickly programmed without a computer; the SPIN BOX is all that is needed. SPIN controllers have a Data Logging function that lets you check and fine tune the setup of your airplane or helicopter. Readings for Peak controller temperature, Maximum current, Minimum current, RPM, Motor run time and many other parameters are recorded and can be viewed right on the SPIN BOX after a flight. This allows you to make adjustments immediately and fly again to see the results.

Technical data:

Operating Voltage / Cell count - 14-36NC /4-12 LiPo /12-50V
Dimensions - 75 x 55 x 17 mm
Resistance (mOhm) -  2 x 1,1
Switching BEC - No
Max. Servonumber - N.A.
Helimode / constant RPM inside - Yes
Weight  - 105g
Nomina Current (2,2Ah batt.) -  90
FETs -  48
Set Up - Yes (Jeti Box)

  • Produsent: Jeti Model
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  • Modelltype: Brushless ESC
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