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VBar NEO VBasic (VBasic) is an innovative receiver for VBar Control, setting new standards with regard to range of features, and fit for the future with updates and function extensions.


  • Easy setup via VBar Control Setup Wizard and clearly structured menus in VBar Control
  • Using Presets and the Setup Wizard you get ready for flight quickly—for almost any application, like R/C-cars, boats, planes, jets, as a receiver for a multi-rotor flightcontrol, as a receiver for other flybarless systems
  • Competition-ready since it does not use gyros
  • 5 analog control functions and programmable switching functions
  • 9 physical outputs (servo connectors)
  • 3 parameter banks (flight modes/-conditions)
  • 6 mixers with 5 inputs, differential mix, servo-throw adjustment, servo-travel limit
  • expo, trims and multi-rate per parameter bank and control input
  • throttle channel with idle trim (via rotary knob) and throttle idle for each parameter bank
  • innovative, self-learning trim concept without help of gyros (trim while you control the model), optional trim by means of rotary knobs, EDS dial on VBar Control
  • Buddy-boxing ready, also cross-over-buddy-boxing ready (VBar Control together with a radio of a different brand)
  • Model Sharing (bind and fly)
  • Ready for VBar Control telemetry sensors or ­Kontronik® TelMe
  • Event Log
  • Macrocells offer freely programmable mixers, 7-point curves, sequencers e.g. for retracts
  • Multiprotocol Single Line Receiver: connect to other systems via proprietary or open protocols like Futaba® S.Bus, Spektrum® satellite protocol simulation, Universal Digital Interface (UDI), analog PPM8 or PPM12 (8/12 channels), with variable update rate, both as input and output possible
  • Connect multiple VBasic and/or VBar NEO devices via Interbus to get a multi-redundant diversity receiver setup (up to 4 diversity receivers/8 antennae), with up to 23 physical outputs (servo connectors)
  • Ready for updates as they come available—with software updates you can enable VBasic for other purposes, for more complex airplanes (VPlane), for helicopters (VBar), for multi-rotors (VCopter), and VBar and VCopter of course with the tried and tested Rescue feature—all required sensors are already on board
  • For a full overview about the update-options as well as extensive and current online documentation, please visit

These features make VBasic probably the most flexible receiver product on the planet, with unrivalled connectivity to products of other manufacturers


Dimensions 45,5 x 25,6 x 16 mm / 1,79 x 1,01 x 0,63 in
Weight 14 g
Supply Voltage 3,5 - 8,4 V (2S Lipo)

USB cable Mini USB Cable, Boot Plug
main unit Multiprotocol Single Line Empfänger (Vlink,UDI, S-Bus, Spektrum, PPM)
Gyrosensor Internal multi-axis sensor array (inactive in VBasic, enabled by software updates with cost)
Manual Printed manual (Quick-Start-Guide, full manual available online on
Software VBasic Receiver Firmware, VExtender


Hardware Requirements VBar Control
Available software upgrades PRO Software, PRO Software with Rescue function (purchase via App Store on With these updates, you also get the VPlane and VCopter firmware which you can use with VBar Control.

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