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The GYA460 is a flight attitude controller and stabilizer designed exclusively for model aircrafts. In addition to control by 3 axis gyro sensor, flight attitude is controlled by a 3 axis G-sensor.

Besides a beginners mode, which assists flight by beginners by automatic horizontal level return control and flight attitude angle control, a gyro-mode and gyro off mode can also be selected.


  • 3-Axis Gyro plus 3-Axis Accelerometer
  • Auto level control support
  • Low profile, small size and light weight
  • Easy setup
  • S.BUS compatible - only one connection is necessary between the S.BUS receiver and GYA460
  • Three flight modes can be selected by transmitter switch
  • Sensitivity adjustment can set aileron, elevator, and rudder separately by GYA460 trimmer
  • Parameters can be set by GYA460 SET button and LED
  • Tailless wing compatible
  • *Attitude cannot be controlled in the stalled state in which the rudder is ineffective
  • *2-Aileron, ?aperon, air brake mixing can't be used
  • *Always use only genuine Futaba transmitters, receivers, servos and other optional accessories

Beginner Mode (Blue)

  • This mode is suitable for level flight training of beginners.
  • The fuselage flight attitude angle is limited to approximately ± 80°.
  • When the transmitter sticks (except the throttle) are set to neutral, automatic horizontal level control returns the airplane to the level state.

Gyro Mode (Red)

  • This mode is suitable for inverted flight and acrobatics.
  • The plane is controlled by gyro sensor only.
  • Fuselage attitude angle limit and automatic horizontal level control are turned off.

Gyro-Off (Yellow)

  • In this mode, the plane is not controlled by gyro sensor.

For the detailed usage method and precautions, refer to the GYA460 6-axis Flight Control instruction manual.

*For first flight of the aircraft, before mounting the GYA460, have an experienced flier make flight adjustments without the GYA460 connected.


  • Gyro sensor: MEMS vibrating structure gyro
  • Operating voltage: DC4.0 ~ 8.4V
  • Current drain: 44 mA
  • Operating temperature range: -10°~ +45°
  • Dimensions: 35 × 27 × 12mm
  • Weight: 10 g

Set Contents:

  • GYA460 × 1
  • Double Sided Tape × 1
  • 3-Signal Cord × 1
  • Extension Cord × 2
  • Mini Screwdriver × 1
  • Manual × 1
  • Quick Reference × 1

  • Produsent: Futaba
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  • Modelltype: Gyroer
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