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Helt rå modell fra ST-Model med kraftig motor i nesa.

Flyet kommer helt ferdig klar til montering av mottaker, alt man trenger utenom radio og mottaker følger altså med.

Flyet bruker ett oppladbart 1300mah 3S LiPobatteri som er med i pakken, og det følger også med 12V lader til dette. Flyet er laget i EPO som er ett holdbart materiale, dette fører til at modellen tåler en god del og den er også stiv på grunn av all karbonforsterkingen. Husk at senderen må ha V-Tail mixing innebygget.

Modellen har ett vingespenn på 156 cm og kan også brukes på hang, det følger i tillegg med hardware for å bygge flyet om til ren glider. Det følger med krok for å slippe slepeline og det eneste man trenger i tillegg forå bygge den om til en slepeglider er en mikroservo. Alle disse funksjonene og efenskapene til flyet gjør dette til en fantastisk pakke!

The Blaze is set to re-define your concept of electric foam gliders. A bold statement? read on....

This is a model that is all about performance. From the vertical climb as high as you can see to the super fast dives off power and the full aerobatic schedule she can perform, the Blaze is guaranteed to put a smile on your face!!

Never before has so much thought been lavished on an EP glider. The basic shell is crisply moulded in the established ST method of tough, EPO foam, but that is only part of the story. Hidden underneath that sleek exterior is a clever design that adds immense strength combined with design features that make assembly easy and accurate. 

The nose section is re-enforced with carbon strips along the inside and the motor mount/nose area, which is moulded in tough polythene and bonded over its entire circumference to the internal foam. Even the back edge has been designed not to create a stress edge and spread the load in an impact. The canopy is injection moulded in tinted plastic with strengthening ribs and an integral catch to add further structural rigidity. No cheap vacuum formings here!

Moving back into the wing mounting area, there is a combination of wooden formers and injection moulded plastic parts that are integrated and bonded into the foam. The rear former acts as an orientation mount for the square carbon tube inside the rear fuselage. That provides immense strength to the fuselage. The wing mounting bolt fixings are inserted steel inserts not just tapped into the plastic. At the rear, another clever, internal plastic mount orientates the tail assembly by using the fuselage tube and outer shell to provide a unique method of mounting both V-tails and their servos. You will be sure to be muttering ´how clever´ as you screw it all together!!!

The wing is a work of art! Three internal carbon spars (one a super-strong, square tube) are all bonded in internally and provide unbelievable strength to what is just a foam wing. You will not see it even bend slightly in flight. Once again, the wing joining method is designed not to have a stress fulcrum and be both simple and effective. Just four screws will have it assembled in five minutes! Individual aileron servos provide the power to perform full aerobatics and the ailerons themselves are re-inforced with carbon strips to stop flexing. The anti ´spill´ airflow straighteners at the aileron ends keep the aileron response effective at all speeds. Remember, the Blaze had them first!

Now comes the long bit, fitting the fabulous decals!! If you have taken your time the whole thing can be done in less than 30 minutes. If you rush a bit, even less.

The 1130kv outrunner, brushless motor is pre-installed as is the the 30A ESC (with brake if programmed) and Deans connector. A tough, engineering plastic, 10 x 6 folding propeller on the front combined with these is more than enough for that straight up climb. 

When you go flying, the Blaze will blow your mind! Even at relatively slow speeds, she is pretty efficient and pure gliding performance is very impressive. Like all hotliner type gliders, she will stall, but it is predictable. Loops can be tight or wide, rolls can be fast or slow, it´s entirely up to you. Even stall turns are possible with the right technique and that is often a problem with other V-tail models.

As we said at the beginning, the Blaze is a totally new kind of EP glider that combines technical innovation with great looks and stunning performance.

How can you resist??

  • Wingspan: 1560mm (61.42in)
  • Length: 1000mm (39.37in)
  • Weight: 900g all up
  • Servos: 5 x 9g (Included)
  • Wing Area: 20.9dm2
  • Wing Section: MH43 

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