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Drawing on decades of experience designing and manufacturing the best radio equipment for the R/C hobby, JR is proud to introduce the world to its magnum opus- the 28X transmitter.

The 28X was born from clean sheet of paper, a fresh perspective of the needs of today’s modeler, and borrows from JR’s unwavering commitment to the highest quality and precision in every facet of the transmitter’s design and manufacture. This radio is the ultimate blend of form and function that is sure to exceed the expectations of even the most discerning modeler. Included with the transmitter is a beautifully-designed aluminum commemorative carrying case and our revolutionary RG031BX Infinity receiver.

The 28X pushes the limits of not only what can be done with a transmitter’s design, but what should be done with it. 


JR - JRP01050 - 28X DMSS 2.4GHz 28 Channel System with TX Case and RG031BX Rx

  • 480x273 pixel Android™-powered 4.3” WQVGA-TFT full-color touch screen features beautiful 16-bit color output
  • Dual processors for unmatched interfacing and RF reliability
  • Patent-pending CNC machined aluminum gimbals are ball bearing-supported and fully adjustable to suit any flyer
  • Jaw-dropping 65,536 step stick resolution is 16 times more precise than any R/C transmitter ever made to date
  • 4GB internal memory, with 512MB RAM  
  • Removable, customizable shoulder switch plates can be configured to virtually any combination of switches.
  • Fully customizable user interface allows users to set wallpaper, color schemes, and notifications to personalize their radio. 
  • Heavy-duty cast aluminum chassis provides unparalleled strength for a feel unmatched by any radio ever made
  • 28 total channels: Up to 16 non shared, up to 28 fully proportional
  • Integrated USB host controller and USB device port for seamless data interfacing and PC connection
  • External SD card slot for unlimited model, picture, sound, and telemetry data storage
  • Customizable audio and vibration notifications
  • Audio controller for voice, music, and telemetry notifications
  • Push-button power switch virtually eliminates accidental powering on and off.
  • Removable antenna for safe storage when not in use.

ain Features:
Full Colour touch panel
LCD (480*272 4.3inch)
Android OS
Aluminum frame construction
Dual CPUs
Full Aluminum Gimbals

Andoroid OS: Touch panel, USB and WiFi valuable function base
Dual CPUs: Separate CPU for interface and radio control functions
USB hostTo connect USB memory, camera, keyboard, mouse & XBus acc.
USB divice: To connect PC directly and set up the radio
Wifi: To connect mobile phone, communication tools for direct control.
GPS: To measure correct distance between RX side.
Audio: Beep sound, music play by MP3 and Earphone jack
SD card slot: For SD card for model data copy, picture, firm update, etc.
Color display: 480*272 4.3inch colour display
Touch panel LCD: It can be control the LCD on the hand grove.
3 buttons: Home, Menu and Return buttons
Bibrator: Low-voltage, important information, etc. can be informed by bibrator.
Full color LED: Multi-colour LED 

FM max. 15: Each HELI, ACRO & GLID flight mode can be set upto 15.
FM customize function: Flight mode and switch conbination is free for HELI, ACRO & GLID.
Japanese letter: Japanese letter is also available to display
New system SW.SEL: Separete set up is possible for ON and OFF
Curve TIS: Curve adjustment is possible during flight by the trim input switch.
Fine adjustmet TIS: Set up data can be changeable temporarily to n times
Switch type changeable: Switch can be changed to 3, 2 position switch or dial by customer.
Switch function changeable: 3 position switch P0-P2 position is changeable. (ex. P0-P1-P1, etc.)
Output chanel changeable: Channel 1 is not fixed as THRO and channel set up is free.
Explanation display in Grey colour: Explanation is displayed to touch the Grey colour area.
Trim working area extention: It can be extended from ±100 to ±200.
RF-ON in warning: Warning cancel at stick position unchanged is possible.
Wing and engine for big Airplane: 4 FLAP, 4 ENGINE, 4 SPOI, TWIN MOTOR set up is added.
Curve setting function: Fine setting can be made by Curve function.
Delay setting function: Additional delay function are installed.
Trim free setting function: Equipments for trim & wings can be freely set up.
Output curve: Output data for all channels can be set up.
Air-brake: Add Air-brake for ACRO.
Gear control: Each motion for ACRO steering, main gears & gear cover can be set up.
Function history : Improved to use.
Model data max. 100 or more: User memory area can be separeted for picture, music & model data.
Restore function: Set up data can be reset to previous switch-on condition.
Macroscopic function: Channel output data can be returned after some minutes of SW operation.