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Real intelligence designed from the ground up to offer a different approach to gyro control.
The JR AXIS is designed to provide unmatched stability to even the most aerodynamically challenging model, without sacrificing the feeling of natural flight. Thanks to the AXIS's intelligent stick priority design, aggressive flight maneuvers are still possible with no loss of control authority even at high gain settings.

Weight: 0.19oz/5.5g
Dimensions: 0.22 x 0.98 x 1.61 in/14 x 25 x 41 mm
Operating Voltage: 4.5V - 8.5V
Input: XBus (JR)/S.BUS (Futaba)
Output: Integrated 6 x PWM output/1 x XBus output
Output Frequency: PWM ports 330Hz (THRO 70Hz)/XBus 330Hz

* The input to the AXIS gyro can only be a JR XBus or Futaba S.BUS serial connection. So please be sure to use a JR DMSS XBus or Futaba S.BUS receiver only.
* S.BUS input is translated to XBus or PWM via AXIS.

AXIS can corresponding to various wing types such as Flaperon, Delta and V-tail.

AXIS will perfectly fit to the various applications from small EPP to the giant scale with the most simple wiring of its XBus capability.

AXIS detects the optimum Heading lock effect proportionally to the stick position.
Pilots can have the feel of full control authority while still receiving the full stabilization benefits that AXIS can offer..



Flexible Gyro Modes

The AXIS allows the choice of two gyro modes. One is heading lock mode, which acts to maintain the models attitude regardless of outside influence. The other is damping mode which acts to reduce any disturbance about the yaw, pitch, or roll axis. These two modes are selectable for each gyro axis.

Optimum gyro gain

When using a JR DMSS transmitter, you can activate a "TRIM INPUT SWITCH" function so gain adjustment can be easily and safely carried out in flight.

In Flight Trim

Trimming the airplane with the AXIS gyro is very simple. First take off, and trim the model with the gyro off. Then while the plane is flying, flip the "TRIM SET" toggle switch to automatically set the neutral positions. There is no need to land the airplane to set the neutral position.

Wireless setup

Wireless setup can be performed using your JR DMSS transmitter. Alternatively, you can use the AXIS Assistant PC interface to setup and tune the AXIS.


Free download is available for the dedicated PC interface for AXIS. AXIS Assistant

The AXIS Assistant is a dedicated setup interface for Windows.
By connecting the AXIS and your PC using a standard mini USB cable, you will be able to carry out all the required setup.
All the operation can be reflected directly on the screen of the AXIS Assistant to help more intuitive setup.

Channnel Assign


Wing Type

Serve Travel

Limit Adjust

Gyro Direction

* Free download is available at the download site.
* The AXIS Assistant is compatible to the Windows OS. (Later than XP)
* Standard Mini USB is required to connect AXIS to PC.


 Operation Manual
 Application software for AXIS gyro unit AXIS Assistant

Dedicated firmware corresponding to AXIS
 XG11/XG11MV Update Software ver.0002-0013
 XG14 Update Software ver.0001-0006
 Instructions for the added features.