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Produktnr. GW-CU2501B



SLICK540 120CC

The structure of the new 120CC aircraft has been further optimized, retaining the current features of being built super light for 3D aerobatics yet are even stronger.

Designed for the latest generation of high output engines like the DA-120/DLE120.

WING SPAN:109"(2770mm)

WING AREA:2106sq in(135.9sq dm)
FLYING WEIGHT:26.5-28lbs(12000-12700g)
ENGINE:100cc-120cc gas  DLE111 DA120 3W110

Fit new DLE120 - DA120 and 3W110 Engines with more stronger design for fuselage and wings ;
Fixed ring inside cowling for easy build ;
All cowling and wheel pants used genuine epoxy resin ;
Removable rudder ;
Installed Servo Wire Guide Tube ;
Complete and detailed instructions on CD ;
Larger aileron and rudder design. Up to 60 degrees of throw on all control surfaces for excellent 3D robatic flying