2COOL FreeAir

2COOL FreeAir


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Model 2Cool was designed for indoor aerobatics and aero musical.
This plane is better suited to being flown outdoors due to it´s size.
This is a great flying plane that can do 3D or sedate Sunday afternoon floating depending on the controls throws and your mood.

It hovers and knife edges with ease.
The wings are made of sheet EPP, but the fuselage is shaped and hollow. 

2Cool is the next concept of Microbat model.



Lengde:                    920mm

Vingespenn:             900mm
Profil:                        Desk 

Vekt:                         280-350 g

Batteri:                     2-3 Li-Po  

Radio:                      4 kanals


Det er kun flyet som er med i pakken, all elektronikk må man kjøpe utenom.


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