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We are very proud to present the new 2012 lightweight Q80-14XS F3A competition motor . This outstanding outrunner brushless-motor is the latest development of Hacker R&D department . By changing the bearing plate and shortened overall length, the weight compared to the previous Q80-S is reduced by more than 100gr! 

A brand-new design of motor provides best cooling, maximum power and great performance. This motor is the best choice for everybody, who likes to fly maximum power, best performance and great reliability. Every Q80 is made by hand, assembled an totally checked at Hacker Company Germany.


Powerange   max. 2800W (15 sec.)
Idle Current @ 8,4V   0,9A
Resistance (Ri)   0,025 Ohm
RPM/Volt (kv)   209 U/min-1
Weight   528g
Diameter   88,5 mm
Length   69 mm
recom. Speedcontroler   MasterSpin 99
recom. Timing   25°
Switching Frequenzy  


Q80-14XS F3A - Image 5 - For increasing click here!

  • Produsent: Hacker
  • Lengde: 0
  • Flytype: 0
  • Modelltype: Brushless motor
  • Vingekapasitet: 0
  • Operasjonstype: Elektrisk
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