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SkyRc MC6 6x1S Micro LiPO Charger. Lader for 1S LiPo som kan lade 6 batterier med Micro kontakt samtidig. Utgang 1-4 leverer 350mA og 5-6 leverer 500mA. Strømkabel med USB følger med. 


USB input: 5V med minimum 2.1A
Batterier: 6x1S LiPO
Kontakter: Micro
Vekt: 54g
Størrelse: 76x63x22.7mm


Product details in english

The SkyRC MC6 charger is designed to be connected to a 5V/2,1 A USB port. It features 6 charge outputs and may be used to check the battery voltage. The LED display indicates the output number and the battery voltage, and a LED near each output is red during charging, and green when charge is complete. Four outputs delivers 350 mA and two outputs delivers 500 mA.

Key features

  • Six independent slots can be used at the same time for battery charging
  • Each slot can be used as a battery voltage checker
  • 3-digital LED displays battery voltage
  • LED indicates charging status(Red: Charging Green: Full)
  • Charging current 350mA X 4 & 500mA X 2

  • Specifications
    • USB Power Input : 5V/2.1A or above
    • DC Jack Input Voltage : 6V
    • DC Jack Input Current : 2A or above
    • Charge current(Slot 1 to 4) : 350mA
    • Charge current(Slot 5 to 6) : 500mA
    • Battery type : 6X1 cell LiPo
    • Battery connector type : Micro
    • Working temperature : 0-50?
    • Net weight : 54g
    • Dimensions : 76x63x22.8mm