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Flott trainer med vingespenn på hele 146 cm og som leveres ferdig med elektronikken innstallert.
Flyet leveres med 3S 1800mah LiPo med Deans og 12V lader,
2.4GHz radioutstyr er også med for å gi god rekkevidde og forstyrrelsesfri flyving.

Modellen er utstyrt med bombeluke som opereres fra radioen, i den kan man
plassere godteri eller lignende og slippe det ut i luften ved å flikke en bryter.
En slik trainer er den ideelle start for nybegynneren og radioen kan også fint
brukes til andre lignende fly, og så klart til de andre modellene fra STM
om det er ett ønske i fremtiden. Traineren er av høyvinget versjon, noe som
gjør den veldig stødig og stabilt i luften og en kjekk trainer for de som
ønsker å bruke balanseror

Innhold i pakken:
1 stk. Komplett fly
1 stk. 2,4GHz radiopakke
1 stk. 11,1V 3S 1800mAh Li-Po batteri
1 stk. Balansert Li-Po felt lader 12V
1 stk. Manual

All elektronikken er ferdig montert i flyet!
Det du trenger i tillegg:
8 stk AA batterier til radio

For å kunne lade batteriet som er i flyet på 220V trenger du et adapter.
Du finner det under anbefalt tilbehør.


Wingspan: 1460mm (57.5in)

Length: 1220mm (48.03in)

Weight: 1250g (44.02oz)

Servos: 4 x 9g (Included)

Radio System: 2,4GHz

Electric Motor: Brushless outrunner (Included)

S/C Rec: 30A Brushless (Included)

LiPo: 3S 1800mAh to 2500mAh (1800mah included)

Recommended Propeller: 10 x 5 (Included)

Wing Area: 36.5dm2 (

Wing Loading: 34.25g/dm2

Materiale: EPO Foam

The ST model Discovery is all about learning to fly radio control model aircraft for the very first time. The Discovery has been totally designed with that aim in mind and has all the ´easy to build´ and ´easy to fly´ characteristics that the beginner needs. What´s more, the time between opening the box and being ready to fly is measured in minutes not hours!

The computer designed structure has been optimised to give the best combination of stable performance, docile handling and durability. With extensive experience in designing complex EPO moulded models with carbon fibre re-inforcement and injection moulded plastic, ST Model have created a modern masterpiece in trainer design. Much of the structure is hidden deep inside but can be seen in strong light conditions as the EPO moulding becomes more transparent. For you, the owner, that is kind of unimportant as it is all pre-built inside. All you will be doing is the final assembly with a few screws. Just four will have the airframe assembled and then two small grub screws need tightening up on the elevator and rudder servo pushrods. That´s it!!

When you are learning, the likelihood of a ´less than perfect´ landing has been thought about too. There is a heavy duty, sprung noseleg and tough aluminium undercarriage. That main undercarriage is screwed to a special plastic moulding incorporated, longitudinally inside the foam fuselage. The screws are designed to pull out rather than damaged the fuselage in a heavy arrival.

The semi-symmetrical, tapered wing with anti tip-stall, curved wing tips will give all the correct characteristics in both calm and windy conditions plus a docile stall. The ailerons are responsive yet progressive without giving over-control to panic a learner. In fact, the same kind of progressive response comes from the elevator too. The rudder and nose wheel are connected for positive direction control on the ground and smooth response in the air.

Thrust is courtesy of a powerful, outrunner style, brushless motor and a 30A brushless electronic speed controller (ESC). The propeller is an impact absorbing 10 x 5 that has been matched to the motor for high thrust and low current consumption. A 3 cell 2100mAh Li-po battery (not supplied) will give over 10 minutes of flight time under normal ´training´ conditions. There is room to fit a bigger capacity battery too if you want and it will have very little effect on the centre of gravity and handling.

As there is no gluing involved, replacement airframe parts can be fitted in seconds, should damage be incurred. They can be purchased from your local dealer. Keeping you in the air and enjoying model flying is a critical part of the design philosophy.

Once you have learnt to fly with the Discovery, there are many more exciting models in the ST range to tempt you!